What is credit monitoring and what does it do? Find out here.

Credit monitoring helps you stay on top of credit changes. Why is that important? Because sometimes you need to address changes fast, especially when they’re negative and may get worse. You may need to dispute information that’s inaccurate or inaccurately reported to any or all three national bureaus. And if a criminal were to get ahold of your credit, they could do a lot of damage in just a little bit of time. Learn more about the benefits of credit monitoring here.

5 reasons credit monitoring is worth it

“Do I really need credit monitoring?” It’s a question we hear a lot. Many times, it’s followed by “Because I pay my bills on time” or “I get a free credit report every year.” Read More

Getting regular credit checkups?

When it comes right down to it, you really do want to find out if something is wrong before it's too late. Identity theft is a great example. Read More

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