All about credit scores: what’s behind that 3-digit number?

You may have several different credit scores, but they’re all trying to do one thing: provide an informed opinion on how good your credit is. Why are credit scores important? Because loan approvals, interest rates offered and other credit-related decisions may end up coming down to those three credit score digits. So the more you know about credit scores, the better informed you’ll be when they matter most. Learn all about credit scores here.

5 main credit score ingredients

TransUnion TransRisk. FICO®. VantageScore®. These are just some of the credit scores creditors may have at their disposal when they’re evaluating your credit. Which one (or ones) they use to help predict what kind of a borrower you’ll be is up to them—and each credit score flavor has its own secret recipe. Read More

Why credit scores are like grades

The simplest way to understand your credit score is to think back to your school days, a time when your performance was measured in letter grades. Read More

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